While we have seen innovation in the tools to use money systems there has been little innovation in the underlying system of money

Code of Hammurabi, the best preserved ancient law code, created Sovereign Money Systems.

Chinese moved from using actual tools and weapons as a medium of exchange to using miniature replicas of the same tools cast in bronze. Abandoned for the less prickly shape of a circle, which became some of the first coins.

Lydia’s King Alyattes minted the first official currency.

Medici family bank ** in Venice drives the creation of the Merchant Money Systems.

Commons Money Systems

1760 B.C.

1,100 B.C.

600 B.C.

1400 A.D.

2015 A.D.

Merchant money systems work alongside Sovereign Money Systems, under a taxable license, creating a new money supply and distribute this, plus the sovereign money supply, directly or via intermediaries to the population through coins and notes.

The commons become an active part of the Money System via personal machines which generate, store and share data to enable a new system for value distribution and creation.

what we do

We're on a mission to transform the way governments distribute value through reducing friction

Focus on the individual

Digital Identity is the building block

Governments work for the people, as such distributing welfare to the defined recipient is the primary ambition.

Tokenizing Digital Value

Bearer bond instruments have a viable alternative

In human history there lowest friction for of value transfer has been cash; now with the evolution on new technologies there are viable, secure, digital alternatives.

Leveraging all devices types

The planet is going device based

As the world moves towards 2020, more and more people have access to 'smart' devices, which enable at scale delivery of platforms to people.

Protect the houshold

Shelter, Energy, Food are the basics

By starting with the essential requirements for a stable home governments digital value platforms can reduce risk in society and improve the chance of economic growth.

For Global Governments and NGOs

Technology doesn't know boundaries

Our technology platform is borderless, currency agnostic and limitless; designed for a person, a continent or a global digital community.

We're Expanding

Public Service, Government and Non-Governments Organizations plus interested partners

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